Imre Festetics

Imre Festetics (1762 Simaság–1847 Kőszeg) a count of Tolna, member of the royal chamber, squatter and geneticist. His mother was Julianna Bossányi, his first wife Krisztina Boronkay (1791) and later Borbála Vizkeleti (1812). In 1782 he joined the army, he participated in the last battles against the Ottomans as a captain at the yeomanry. He got wounded in Bucharest in 1790 and left the army. His brother, György Festetics founded Georgikon at Keszthely, the first agricultural higher education institute in Europe. He lived in Kőszeg and Kőszegpaty.

At the estates of the Festetics family register records were kept at a very early time, in the first half of the nineteenth century. It is also possible that the owners of the estate researched inheritance. Between 1807 and 1828 scientific work on sheep rearing had been done at the Festetics estate. Imre Festetics published his results on natural genetic laws in Brünn in 1819. He recognized the most important laws of inheritance before Gregor Mendel.

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