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Antal Veres

Antal Veres (and Balázs Veres) owned the house between 1570 and 1586.

Balázs Veres

Balázs Veres (Walasch, Weresch) prepared a last will in which he declares that if his son dies before adulthood his wife can inherit half of the house (Táblaház utca 7.).

Karsai Szűcs György

György Karsai Szűcs (1648) the Church Register includes his name and he also paied taxes.

Imre Festetics

Imre Festetics (1762 Simaság–1847 Kőszeg) a count of Tolna, member of the royal chamber, squatter and geneticist. His mother was Julianna Bossányi, his first wife Krisztina Boronkay (1791) and later Borbála Vizkeleti (1812). In 1782 he joined the army, he participated in the last battles against the Ottomans as a captain at the yeomanry. He […]


Witch Trial

Anna Pernekker was accused with being a witch on 23 March, 1679. The accused woman put aside her divine fears, and we cannot exactly know how, but she had been inspired by the Devil and together with her similar associates she committed many evil actions. She was put on fire on 13 April.

Jews in Kőszeg

The history of the Jews in the city goes back to the 14th century, when the lord of Kőszeg, János Garai allowed them to settle down in 1373 for the first time. Remarkably, the Jews of Kőszeg were allowed to practice their religion and law which was very exceptional then.